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Invest in high return Land Backed Real Estate Asset and curated high yield debentures.

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Invest across real
estate asset classes

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Land Backed Assets

Invest in curated high yield debentures secured by real estate

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Invest in curated high yield debentures secured by real estate

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Invest across real
estate asset classes

Choose from a range of curated, risk-
assessed opportunities to build a portfolio that meets your investment goals.

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18% to 30%
Return Range
100% Physical Assets
which means there is no risk involved
Entry and Exit experience
Track the status
of your investment online.
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We do all the hard-work to make investment easy for you

Get access to curated, risk-assessed opportunities designed for retail investors

Land Backed Assets

Invest in high return Land Backed Real Estate Asset

Ease of Investing

Easy to understand platform with insights and knowledge to up the performance of your portfolio.

Diversified Investments

Get investment opportunities across multiple asset classes to choose from.

Secured Deals

Access to opportunities that are backed by physical assets and Tier-A developers.

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Market Comparison

We provide you the opportunity to diversify your investments from traditional fixed income asset classes to help you earn higher returns.

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7 %

Fixed Income

7 %


7 %

Private Equity

7 %

Traditional Real Estate

7 %

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Sugarprop vets and works with RERA-compliant, Grade A Developers with a proven track record of timely project execution.

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How clients thank Sugarprop

Don't take our word for it; Hear from the people who've invested with our team in the past, crafting sustainable & lucrative returns along the way.

"Before SugarProp, I had no idea that I could buy and trade in real estate futures even when a project was at a planning stage! Couldn't have hoped for 18% returns in any SIP."

Veena Vipin Badra

"Invested - Rs 50 Lakh with Sugarprop Asset 2 years back and I am constantly getting my returns. The asset is registered on my name..."

Dr Niraj Kumar Sinha

"Three generations of my family have believed that real estate is the best investment class, and now I'm sure that our next three generations will use Sugarprop to invest in properties!"

Gaurav Rastogi
New Delhi
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SUGARPROP is an online technology platform that provides users access to a curated set of real estate investment options and enables them to invest in any of the investments basis their selection.

What is fractional ownership or fractional investing?

Fractional ownership is when multiple investors come together to invest capital in an asset (which could be real estate, airplane, art etc). It provides investors a percentage ownership in an asset, which gives proportionate rights in the income and capital value appreciation of the asset. It is a simple way to own an expensive asset, by splitting the ownership.Fractional ownership of real estate splits the ownership of high value property into smaller fractions to provide alternative investment avenues to retail investors along with proportionate ownership rights in the asset.It’s a traditional concept and the simplest example of this is owning shares in a company, through which you have a fractional ownership in the company.

Are all investments backed by real estate assets?

Yes, all the investments are all fully secured by underlying real estate. The investments offered on the platform are either land backed real estate or debt (credit) investments.
1. Land Backed Real Estate : Such investments offer a Landshare in the underlying real estate. The real estate can be office, retail, warehousing, data center or residential assets. Such assets will be built by signing JDA with a Tier A developers.
2. Debt investments: In case of debt (credit) investments, these are backed by mortgage of the underlying real estate asset. No investment showcased on the platform is unsecured.

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